Types of Steroids Used by Athletes to Help Build Muscles

Someone Athletes especially bodybuilders athletes must have a body with excellent muscles. Therefore, many bodybuilding athletes who always practice hard to create excellent body muscle. In the midst of demands must have excellent muscle many athletes who take faster steps such as steroid use. Steroids aren’t hydrolyzing sterols organic fatty compounds which may result in a decreased reaction of terpene or squalene.

Not all athletes use this illegal step. There are many athletes wanting optimal results with a fast tempo, ie by using steroids. The use of steroids by some athletes has become common knowledge. This kind of thing because of the athlete’s need to increase the strength of stamina and the ability of his body in the practice and summit gym activity. These are some types of steroids that they often use.

Testosterone Steroid for Athletes

Natural hormones present in men. With technological change, this type of hormone can now have been producing from outside the body. The common types they use are testosterone enanthate or testosterone cypionate. The use of hormones to play a role in muscle strengthening.


This type of steroid has the benefit to be the big body.


The oldest steroids and known as Methandrostenolone have the same benefits as Durabolin.

Anavar or oxandrolone

It has the benefit of increasing ability or stamina and is generally has been using when practicing heavily.


This steroid has the benefit to increase the muscle, increase stamina, harden the body and can make the body muscles look drier.


It has the benefit to get rid of fat so no need to do a hard diet to get rid of fat.


This steroid was originally used for horse trigger to make the body more muscular horse and improve the performance of the horse.


Type steroids that have a complete content. Its content is divided into testosterone Propionate, testosterone phenylpropionate, testosterone Isocaproate and Decanoate testosterone.


Role in fat burning metabolism 10{b351a1fed3d398a0bafb1ca062e1a60324cbfaca38c8bcd0cc4d8bc915e60a2a}.


It has the same benefits as Deca-Durabolin to be big.

Erythropoietin or EPO

It is actually produced by the human kidney in a natural way to raise the number of red blood cells.

An athlete who has better health because of his healthy lifestyle, should not need to use this prohibited step. Many athletes have died because of steroids or the ugly effects the athlete receives after wearing them. Wearing as well as being confident in its own strength is the beginning of a sportsman’s sportsmanship soul.