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Calm your anxiety right away – Tried and tested tips from experts

During a moment when you feel anxious, you might feel unsure about things and feel stuck in a situation. How do you think you can feel better? At the fit of the moment, you may tend to do things which acts as a catalyst in increasing your anxiety. In case you think about the future, you may feel hyper-focused or you can also get carried away in making a wrong decision.

Later on when you realize that a decision was wrong, you may bash yourself for the anxiety that you felt for no such serious reason.  According to, these tips from the ADAA have been tried and tested and they can tell you how you can cure anxiety then and there. But in this post, we will discuss some natural ways of reducing anxiety.


  • Start taking deep breaths

The foremost thing to do when you feel anxious is to take deep breaths. You may not know the science behind this but deep diaphragmatic breathing can have an instant relaxing effect on your body to help fight stress. These deep breaths help the body move from the flight response of the nervous system to the relaxed response of the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Don’t deny that you’re anxious

Don’t forget that anxiety is just a sort of feeling like any other feeling a human can experience. It is only by reminding yourself that anxiety is an emotional reaction that you’ll begin to accept it as soon as you can. It is critical to accept things since trying to eliminate anxiety worsens the situation. However, don’t think that accepting anxiety will not mean resigning yourself to such an existence.

  • Avert having coffee

Coffee is known to induce more anxiety and hence it is better if you don’t drink coffee to an extent which becomes a habit. Whenever you feel anxious and predict such feelings, make a conscious decision of not drinking coffee. This is also true for any kind of caffeinated soft drinks.

  • Use lavender fragrance

Lavender is better known for its calming properties and hence you can keep a small bottle of lavender oil so that you can apply it whenever you think anxiety is brewing. In case you practice meditation and mindfulness, make sure you smell lavender as this is said to have instant cooling effects. Hence, this can make you feel better.

Anxiety, if not taken care of, can boomerang in the long run and make you feel worse in the long run. Therefore, it is better to seek help of a counselor who can provide you expert assistance.